Tree Reclamation

j and k slabbing.JPG

We use an Alaskan mill, or chainsaw mill, to cut felled trees into plain-sawn slabs, revealing their most interesting features. We can mill logs on-site or accept appropriately sized logs for milling at our shop.

The milled slabs are conditioned by sticker stacking and air drying for 1-3 years.  The wood is then kiln dried to reach furniture grade requirements. 

Donating a Tree to the Shop

Urban Tree does not remove trees.  If you have a tree that needs to be taken down, please call an arborist.

If you have a tree that must be removed and would like Urban Tree to have it for our use, you should know:

1.  We can use trees that are at least 18 inches in diameter, but trees greater than 30 inches in diameter are preferred.

2.  We will need to visit or see photographs of the tree before deciding if we can use it.

3.  If the tree seems useable, we will work with you and your arborist to salvage a section that is length and size appropriate. The arborist can deliver the log to our shop or leave it at your home until we can mill it on site. 

4.  If you would like your tree made into a unique piece of furniture or artwork, please note that the wood must be dried and conditioned for 2-4 years to reach furniture grade requirements.

Jason and Kevin mill logs outside the Urban Tree Shop