Meet The Shop


Jason Boone

Jason earned a Bachelor of Architecture from Kansas State and worked as a professional architect for over ten years, including four with renowned firm Bohlin Cywinski Jackson. Despite the white-collar day job, Jason never abandoned a childhood reverence for wood, crafting functional and aesthetic pieces in his apartment kitchen before finding space as an artist in residence at John Metzler's Urban Tree Forge. After Metzler's untimely death, Jason stepped up to fulfill existing UTF contracts and later founded Urban Tree to preserve and evolve the work of its predecessor.


Nate Lucas

Nate studied fine art at Columbus College of Art and Design and has worked for almost 20 years under premier master craftsmen in wood shops across the United States. Nate’s contemporary art background and woodworking experience position him to develop superior aesthetic and fabrication solutions to client challenges. Nate is also a onetime UTF artist in residence and has been a partner at Urban Tree since 2013.


Geoff Crawford

Geoff earned an associates degree in cabinetry from Connelly Trade School and has over 13 years of professional carpentry experience. His expertise in cabinet and furniture construction, templating and field installation make him a valuable contributor to the Urban Tree team.


Kevin Churchel

Kevin took the long way around to Urban Tree. After earning a degree in Jazz music, he spent several years bartending at a well-loved dive in Lawrenceville. When a kitchen fire closed the bar and contractors hired ate through the insurance budget without finishing the work, Kevin stepped in to make sure Belvederes would reopen. He negotiated a deal on an Urban Tree bar top in which he donated most of the necessary labor. The team was so impressed by his attitude and his work,  they offered him a job. 

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